Manifesto & FAQ

The Why // The Waldron print shop came to be as a response to the decline in relevance of printed photographs. We believe that images should be shared in a tangible way and therefore preserved deliberately. Our prints and finishes are crafted upon the idea that they'll live well into the generations beyond us and upon the hope that they'll be cherished by those generations. 

Mounting & Framing // A limited variety of mounting & framing options are available by request. We do offer full matting-&-framing on all our pieces. Hit the contact page above for details.

Expectations // Some slight cropping might be necessary to achieve the specific size of print you select; but, keep in mind that available print sizes have been limited with that very idea in mind; extreme cropping will never need to happen with the options we've put into place.

Sizes listed online are currently the only ones available. Don't hesitate to reach out regarding custom work, though.

We do our very best to represent all of our prints accurately, both in color and in texture, so that you know just what to expect. Similarly, we package our prints in a fashion that lets us rest easy knowing you're going to receive them safely & soundly. In the event you do receive a damaged or misrepresented piece, we'll do everything in our power to make it right. 

Kansas residents should expect to pay an additional sales tax of 9.6%. Everyone, regardless of location within the United States, should expect to receive all purchased prints - framed pieces being the only exception - within fourteen days.